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After years of working with the tedious process of finding and fixing bugs, Ahad and Rahul decided enough is enough and set out to find a solution.

Crashdeck was founded in 2022 in a small apartment in Seattle by two friends who knew first hand, the struggles of modern software development.

Ahad has years of experience working up and down the software development stack and after years of long hours finding and fixing the tiniest bugs, no wonder he's so hellbent on making that process as easy as possible for other developers.

Rahul comes from a software development background too but finds more comfort in leading product. As a product manager, he's seen this issue from the other side. PMs and engineers who have an impassable divide because neither team understands the other. With Crashdeck, Rahul hopes to build services that help bridge that gap between devs and PMs to help them both better understand each other and become a better symbiotic team.

Watchtower is the first product released by Crashdeck. A GitHub app that helps developers understand and identify potential issues in their pull requests.

The company is currently hard at work to develop new features and services that serve one purpose:

To make software development fun again

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